Monday, October 4, 2010

Generic Structure of the Romantic Comedy.

So, people either seem to love romantic comedies, or despise them. They are mostly pretty generic, but there are plenty of them out there that are fantastic, and deserve credit. (Like many of the ones posted in this blog!)  Romantic comedies have to adhere to some general plot structures: man meets woman, but then they have to part ways because of an obstacle. All is not lost though, because they are sure to meet again. They get together for awhile, but again are parted due to challenges in their relationship. Often, they may not get together or remain together because they feel that they do not like each other, they cannot be together because of family reasons, or one has a partner. But anyone accustomed to romantic comedies knows that this is superficial and that they really are crazy about each other, and are determined to overcome any obstacles. The main characters often have to seek time apart to muse over their feelings and deal with everything.

While they are seperated, one of them usually realises that they cannot live without the other one, and they declare their love in some amazing and grand way. This is generally near then end of them movie, and the viewers are left feeling that everything has ended 'happily ever after'. In some cases, the two protaginsists may not be able to be together phyiscally, but romantic comedies are meant to reaffirm the absolut importance of the intense love relationship that exists between the two main characters. This basic plot line can be found as far back as Shakespeare plays such as Much Ado About Nothing and Midsummer Nights Dream. It is the genre that keeps growing and giving, and creating some unforgettable movie memories and moments.  

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